Friday, 20 January 2012

80 Kilogram Tumor

For three years now, Nguyen Duy Hai from Da Lat city has been unable to move and can only sleep sitting up as his giant tumor has grown to an oversized 80 kilograms.
Being 1 meter in diameter, the 31-year-old man’s tumor is linked to his left leg and causes agonizing pains whenever the weather changes.

“His tumor has grown so fast and heavy he can’t do anything by himself but just sitting there,” Nguyen Thi Cho Con, Hai’s mother said in tears.

For years, the 61-year-old woman has taken care of all of her son’s basic needs, she shared, only worrying her declining health won’t let her do that anymore.

“He just screams in pain when the changing weather affects his tumor,”

“He has to sit and sleep like a toad for the tumor doesn’t let him even move or turn his body sideways,”

“It is so hurting to look at your child everyday like this,” Con confided.

The fourth son of a 5-children family, Hai was born a normal child until his limbs got weakened and unable to stand on their own.

At 4, his right legs showed abnormal signs of growing much faster than the other one.

This made him quit school at 6th grade when Hai couldn’t walk as normally as his peers.

The tumor weighed up to 25 kilograms when he was 17, prompting his family to ask the Lam Dong General Hospital to amputate the right limb.

At the time, doctors still couldn’t diagnose the cause but the tumor suffered from cracked skin and necrosis.

“We were very happy then, because although he lost a leg, he could walk on crunches and take care of himself,” Con recalled the time after the surgery.

However, since 2001, the amputated leg developed a tumor again, which kept growing bigger to a 1-meter diameter and 80-kilogram weight now.

The swelling has since spread to his lower body and back, causing him to struggle everyday with his own body and the excruciating pain.

The sole medication Hai is taking, he said, is common painkillers.

His only wish is to “live a day without having to endure this pain,”

“If only I could live and work to support myself and my mother,” Hai said.

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