Friday, 20 January 2012

Cats Without Hairs

Largest Wooden Structure in the World

World’s 10 Most Colorful Chinatowns

1. Singapore

Golden Land of Pagodas Temples Myanmar

Amazing Moments

 Hard to believe that all these photos are real or photoshop, But this is amazing and wondrous.

Top 10 Most Fascinating Castles and Palaces

1. The Potala Palace: Tibet's greatest monumental structure

Tree Houses

tree house

Worlds Biggest Golden Coin - 100 KG

80 Kilogram Tumor

For three years now, Nguyen Duy Hai from Da Lat city has been unable to move and can only sleep sitting up as his giant tumor has grown to an oversized 80 kilograms.

Creative Tents Design

World Amazing Photography

Moving Big Houses on Wheels

Sculpture Rock Garden in Chandigarh

National Geographic Photo Contest 2011

Amazing Pictures of China

World Most Beautiful Swimming Pools

Amazing Automobile Cakes

Beautiful Reflection Pictures

The First Moments Of Life

Awesome Pictures of Season in the UK

Wool Street Art - Winter

Beautiful Sunrise Pictures

Adolf Hitler's Paintings

Adolf Hitler was a good painter. 

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Gun That Looks Like a Belt Buckle

This is a very rare German belt buckle. It was invented by Louis Marquis while he was in a WWI POW camp. But it has also another function. It is kept in the National Firearms Museum. It is actually a multi shot 22 caliber gun. It could be fired with a trigger or simply by flipping open the cover.

Amazing Beauty of Britain's Landscapes

Wedding on a Roller Coaster Photos

Before you get married on a roller coaster 33-year-old Sarah Petty of Seattle had to wear a wedding garter. Grandmother Betty Fletcher helping her.

The Hard Way to School

Once you see these horrible pictures, you will not think that your route to school was very difficult. See how kids from small villages to the north-west of China, overcoming a two-day trip to get to school.

Beautiful River Pictures

Paper Castle

Monday, 2 January 2012

The World's Top High Rise Cities

Hong Kong - 7.685

The Jesus statue - Brazil

Amazing Photos of Nepal

Himalaya Mountain

Amazing National Geographic Photos

Amazing Wildlife Photography

Fog Pictures

Nest Architects

Beautiful Maldives

Sunday, 1 January 2012

London By Night From Sky

Wolwedans Dunes Lodge Hotel in Namibia

Wolwedans Dunes Lodge Hotel is located in the heart of the private nature reserve area of 185.000 hectares NamibRand in Namibia.  Treat yourself to an unforgettable stay, surrounded by wild nature, not forgetting about the comfort and style. Wooden construction with panoramic views of the desert in all directions, reminiscent of an original camp, but at the same time provide protection and comfort. Each of the nine spacious chalets with en suite and private terrace. In the main building are two lounges, a library, an outdoor fireplace, three restaurants, a wine cellar and swimming pool. Wolwedans Dunes Lodge. If you love nature and seek a peaceful and interesting to cleanse the mind and soul, Wolwedans Dunes Lodge - this is what you need.

Hotel Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise in Canada

Located in Banff National Park, taken under the care of the world by UNESCO and is the oldest in Canada, Hotel Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise is recognized as a favorite among those who care about the environment and selects a luxurious vacation. And do not be fooled into thinking that there can only rest in the winter. In the summer the National Park are popular activities such as hiking, canoeing, horseback riding and mountain biking, fishing and rafting.

Amazing Art of Cabbage

World Most Amazing Scanner

Like this way, when you can see a building through it, it gives you the image search result right on the spot.

House in the Bus - Amazing

house in the bus

World Amazing Pictures - 2

World Amazing Pictures

Highest Cities of the World

highest cities of the worldThe Bolivian city of PotosĂ­
4,090 meters above sea level

Amazing Buildings of the Worlds

world amazing buildings
Frederick R. Weisman Art Museum ( MN, USA)

World Biggest Truck

world biggest truck

Amazing Beach Pictures

Beach Pictures

World Amazing Shipping Accidents

shipping accidents

The London Eye - Millennium Wheel

The London Eye, also known as Millennium Wheel 443 feet, the tallest wheel in the world.
the tallest wheel

World Amazing Accidents

Worlds Amazing Pictures

world amazing pictures

World Amazing Flowers - Rare Flowers

World Amazing Flowers - Rare Flowers