Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Wall Painting

Beautifull Wall Painting

World’s Smallest Laptop

Thunder Bike

The Smallest Aquarium

Russian miniaturist Anatoly Konenko engaged microminiature art for three decades. He came up with its own technology letters on rice, poppy seed, as well as human hair, and has recently created the world's smallest aquarium with live fish. This tiny tank is made of fiberglass on the bottom rising living algae, and fish in it too, very real - 5 danio rerio juveniles, whose size does not exceed 4 mm. Volume mikrorezervuara - 10 ml. That is 2 teaspoons. 

The Smallest Surfer

Beautiful Bike

Creative Pencil Sculptures

Artists who create beautiful artworks using pencils can’t surprise us nowadays. But Dalton Ghetti found a way how to create miniature masterpieces using pencils. He simply carved the alphabet on the tips of 26 pencils, making letters come alive.

Audi Car

Creative Crafts of Old books

Amazing Crafts of old books....

Beautiful Rolls Royce

A student from Dallas Jeremy Vesterlendom created the concept Rolls-Royce Apparition, the concept has turned out a solid and funny, actually can be surprising. 

Gorgeous Bike

Uno BPG Motors - one more unusual bike Speed in the usual form as high as 35 miles per hour.

Typewriter Drawings

ASCII-drawings to Pish-machine — 27-year-old British artist Keira Rathbone does not use a brush or pencil. Their it successfully replaces the typewriter. Kira first began experimenting with a typewriter, even at the university. 30 typewriters that she used to create unique portraits. Such as: Obama, Kate Moss, Marilyn Monroe ... 

Art on fences

Interesting pictures that are visible only from certain Railing angles

Realistic Wall Drawings

American Eric Grawe draws great pictures on the walls. And speaking great, I mean a very realistic picture of breathtaking. 

A new look at the wall

Thinking about unusual and interesting wallpaper to decorate your walls. Site EazyWalls a wide selection of great works of art - photographs and illustrations that can be used as photo-wallpaper. Prices start at $ 230, depending on size. To choose from different styles of photos to your tastes - historical ruins, breathtaking ocean views, funny little creatures, space themes, urban landscapes, flowers and even the American flag. Moreover, you can order the wallpaper of your favorite photos or illustrations. 

Art of Ballpoint Pen

Picture of a ballpoint pen from Juan Francisco Casas.

Mosque of Djenne

It seems that time has stopped here. These were the homes in Djenne, probably, five centuries ago. So they stayed and now - entirely built of clay, in full accordance with the local traditional style. The most famous building in clay, carefully preserved here more than a century - Mosque, the largest such mosque in the Islamic world. 

Bungalows on the island of Moorea

Bungalows on the island of Moorea 
Moorea is an island in French Polynesia, and is located 17 km north-west of the island of Tahiti. Moorea - translates as "yellow lizard", but before the island was called - Aimeho (sometimes recording Aimeo or Eimeo). Earliest Western colonists and travelers also called Moorea as York Island. Because of its stunning scenery, Moorea is one of the most visited islands of French Polynesia. Especially common for people here spend their honeymoon. The island is especially popular as an object of advertisements in bridal magazines USA.

Leaf House - Flower from Brazilian Mareines

Leaf House - a mansion, designed by architects and designers of the company Mareines + Patalano Arquitetura . This beautiful Brazilian flower "planted" near Rio de Janeiro on a small beach with turquoise water and is eco-construction. The idea of creating such a house owned by Brazilian architect of Indian origin. 

Beautiful Place In China — Shanxi

Shanxi province is a beautiful place in China. It looks fantastic and truly amazing on these photos. Shanxi Province got its name due to its location to the west of Taihang Mountain. Shanxi neighbored on Hebei, Henan, Shaanxi and Inner Mongolia & Autonomous Region. It is located to the east of the Yellow River, and is also known as Hedong. Shanxi belonged to Jin State in Spring and Autumn Period, so it is abbreviated in Jin. Shanxi occupies an area of 156,000 square kilometers and has a population of over 32 million, including its minority ethnic population. Its capital is Taiyuan City.

Nicholas church in Kiev

Church building was erected in the years 1899-1909 for the Roman Catholic community of Kiev. Design and construction of buildings produced under the guidance of the famous Kyiv architect Vladimir Gorodetsky. Church built in stylized Gothic forms with the long, gothic towers and steeples, differs slender proportions, ease and clarity of compositional structure. Difficult conditions for the construction and architectural solutions prompted the architects to use innovative at the time engineering technology.

World’s Top Ten Friendliest Countries

01. Ireland

Centuries of turmoil, conquest, famine and subsequent immigration  have certainly taken their toll on the Irish: it’s left them with a deliciously dark sense of humour and a welcoming attitude towards strangers. That famous ability of the Irish to find craic (fun times) in boom or bust times means you’re always in for a treat.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

World Amazing Records

Highest walk on air balloon

Vijay Mallya House - Kingfisher Villa in GOA

World Top 10 Geological Wonders

Chocolate Hills (Philippines)
Composed of around 1,268 perfectly cone-shaped hills of about the same size spread over an area of more than 50 square kilometres (20 sq mi), this highly unusual geological formation, called Chocolate Hills, is located in Bohol, Philippines. There are a number of hypotheses regarding the formation of the hills. These include simple limestone weathering, sub-oceanic volcanism, the uplift of the seafloor and a more recent theory which maintains that as an ancient active volcano self-destructed, it spewed huge blocks of stone which were then covered with limestone and later thrust forth from the ocean bed.

World Amazing Temples

Tiger’s Nest Monastery
Tiger’s Nest Monastery, perched precariously on the edge of a 3,000-feet-high cliff in Paro Valley, is one of the holiest places in Bhutan. Legend has it that Guru Rinpoche [wiki], the second Buddha, flew onto the cliff on the back of a tigress, and then meditated in a cave which now exists within the monastery walls.

The monastery, formally called Taktshang Goemba, was built in 1692 and reconstructed in 1998 after a fire. Now, the monastery is restricted to practicing Buddhists on religious retreats and is off-limits to ordinary tourists.

Mr Beans's House

Sachin Tendulkar's new house at Bandra

Shahrukh Khan's Home - "MANNAT"

Shahrukh Khan Home

Amitabh Bachchan's Home

Women Driving